Great Dish, Fine Drink from East End of Tokyo
 Sometimes Morishita is called "East End of Tokyo".From Tokugawa reigning era, enormous nunbmber of merchants, and craftman had resided. After Meiji era many labors also gathered for daily-hiring job, such as porter at Tokyo bay. Because of them, traditional Japanese popular culture still remain here. YAMARI is IZAKAYA standing more than 8 decade as one of this popular-culture-child.

What's "IZAKAYA"?
IZAKAYA is original style of Japanese tavern, but not tavern literally. Drink shortly like English&Irish Pub, but not just drink. Enjoy snack like Spanish Bar, but also enjoy meals. Eat firmly like French restaurant, but no drass code. Going cusually like south-east asian hokers but get good service...
That means IZAKAYA has every excellence of world's dining and drinking. Yamariki provides you those excellence in casual and atomosphere grown by 4-generation familly-running history.

History of Yamariki
"Yamariki"this unique name is from founder Rikizo Yamada. This name includes meaning of "Wealth"and "Grace". Yamariki had been always palace of wealth and grace in the caotic age between Tokyo Erthquake and world war2. But 10th March 1945, downtown of Tokyo was Bombing by Unated states' B-29.Rikizo also involved that and died by blazing fires.
After the end of the war, son of Rikizo,Yoichi Yamada determined to re-start his father's shop.But he did not train about cooking. So he set Nikomi & Yakiton,no need higher-level cooking tecnique,as main menu. Those two iconic dishes makes Yamariki popular for downtown labors again. Yoichi and his wife Torimi work hard for prosperty of shop
And now third generation Hirohisa Yamada is continuing traditions. Hirohisa,well trained french cuisine cook,made shop and menu modernize. He also start selling wines on early days. All of them helps present Yamariki style.
In 2024, Yamariki will celebrate crntennial its founding. At that time 4th generation may run Yamariki at the same place, East end of Tokyo
Yamariki closes Sundayand Public holidays
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