↑Yamariki's Nikomi is cooked by this
big casting pot. The oldest one is
using over four decade.

 Yamariki's one of the most popular, Iconic Menu is "Nikomi". We use fresh Domestic feeded Beef intestines. Spend stewing over 6hours with adding water, remove grease. Total cooking time is 8hours. This Long time makes intestines soft and tasty.

What kinds of Flavor?
 MIso, Soya paste is used for Yamariki's Nikomi. But not jjust a Miso. Mame-Miso a.k.a Hatcho-Miso mede in only Aichi prefecture is our key of taste. it has darker color and bitter taste than usual Miso.this bitterness make great combination with intestines.

East Meets West
 How do you feel if you are told"Please enjoy your Nikomi with Garlic Bread !!"? Can you Believe that? Is it Fantasy? No, We really recommend them to you. The most Popular way is Scooping soup by Garlic bread. it makes more tasty and able to eat last one drop. If you don't like garlic, plain baggete is also avaiable. Anyway, not rice, but bread for Yamariki's Nikomi.

Time is the greatest sauce
Yamariki's Nikomi has a great ingredience. it's time. One base-stock is used continuiously over five decades. Eating Yamariki's Nikomi means eating history of Yamariki itself.
Yamariki closes Sundayand Public holidays
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